Listen to some Nectarine
while you hold your breath.


I finally got something runnable going!
It totally sucks and is very unpolished, but still ;)
Click here to try it using Java Web Start!
There is no applet, you have to install it.
Im sorry about this, but that is how it has to be..
There will probably never be an applet you can run
directly from this homepage, because I have to open
sockets in ways applets can't do.

Discuss StranGo in the forum and
check out the databanks for more updated information.

Finally some future features:

First capture bonus
Hidden mines 5-in-a-row bonus
Get bonus points for making the first capture!
Laugh as your opponents stone explodes as he places it on one of your mines!
Get bonus point for being the first one to make 5-in-a-row!

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